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I bought my Jeep, new, in 1998. The NakedJeep Jeep (is that redundant?) is the Sahara edition in Moss Green, with the Dana 44 rear axle. I think it had everything except cruise control and ABS. I bought it with the hard top and doors, as I did with my first Jeep, a CJ-7. I have since sold the top and full hard doors. I now run with a Bestop softop and half steel doors with soft uppers.

Image of the NakedJeep on the Rubicon
NakedJeep on the Rubicon
Image of the NakedJeep on Poison Spider, Moab
NakedJeep on Poison Spider
Image of the NakedJeep on Saran Wrap, Co
NakedJeep on Saran Wrap

I'm a fair weather wheeler. You're not likely to find me out on a snow run or slogging through mud puddles in the rain. I bought my first Jeep to go camping and fishing. Now, I wheel more than I camp and fish. This is no longer my daily driver, but I still try not to brutalize it. I have run the Rubicon and some trails in Moab, but I'm not likely to play at the Hammers.