Black Gulch Trail

Kern County / Lake Isabella

August, 2002

Flora & Fauna

While it's not right on the trail, about an hour north of this trail you can walk the Trail of a Hundred Giants. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Sequoia National Forest. The trail is about a half mile long, well marked, and has a paved walkway for easy navigation for everyone.


Along with Coyotes there are a number of different members of the fox family in Kern County including the Gray Fox, The Red Fox and The Desert Kit Fox. Other carnivores include both the Bobcat and the Mountain Lion. There are tons of squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks that will run in and out of view, and occasionally you might see a mouse or a gopher.


There are ducks and geese of various species, even more in the fall and winter. The Great Blue Heron can been seen year round fishing in the lakes. Also common year round is the Ring Neck Pheasant. The birds of prey in the area include a couple types of Owls and Hawks, and there are occasional sightings of a Golden Eagle.